From cave to web3

Use GRID3 to build the future of digital communities, with web3 technology for everyone.

From cave to web3, humans have always had a fundamental need to belong to a group, to feel connected and supported by others. Throughout history, people have formed communities based on common interests, beliefs, and values, and these communities have played a crucial role in shaping society and individual identity.



Enabling - a safe start

We enable agencies to take the first safe steps into web3 through the simplicity and tools of GRID3. This includes creating, executing and analyzing roadmaps based on available modules and templates. Together we will develop a sustainable strategy to see you and your brands successfully positioned in the long term.

NFT Creation & Drop

With our NFT creation and drop feature, you can create custom NFTs that reflect your community's brand and values. These NFTs can be distributed to your community members as a reward for their participation and engagement. For example, you could create NFTs for members who have attended a certain number of events or contributed to a particular project.

Token gated Community Management

Token Gated Community Building is a unique approach to building and managing digital communities that utilizes web3 technology to create a secure and exclusive environment for your community members. The basic idea is that community members must hold (a certain number of) tokens in order to gain access to certain features or areas of your community. That could be access to premium content, participate in exclusive events, or join private groups within your community. 
An easy-to-use private chat platform like Discord. Using Uni-directional and Bi-Directional text communication, with the ability of thread commenting using emojis and channel moderation.

Unique phygital approach

"Phygital" is a term that refers to the combination of physical and digital experiences, and it has gained significant relevance in the context of web3. The term is derived from the words "physical" and "digital," and it describes the blurring of boundaries between the two realms. With our platform, you can create custom phygital products for your community members. These could include things like branded merchandise or collectibles. Each phygital product is linked to a digital identity on the blockchain, which ensures that it is unique and cannot be replicated or counterfeited. This provides a layer of authenticity and value to your community's products, as members know that they are getting a truly unique and exclusive item.

From spectator to actor

Our Enabling Workshops are designed to provide you as an agency with hands-on training and support in web3 technology and community building strategies. Led by experienced instructors, our workshops cover a range of topics, from the basics of blockchain technology to more advanced topics like NFTs and token economics.


The Team

Valentin Kamm
Mercedes Grana Pérez
Crt Harej
Julian Dabsch
Andreas Oettel
BBU '01 Group
Florian Holste
Jochen Dreissigacker
Weingut Dreissigacker 
Dr. Thomas Weiss
Authentic Vision

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